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Scientology Ringleaders Violate Human Rights

On June 23rd in Scientology history

Able medical examiner needed
June 23, 2000, Editorial, St. Petersburg Times


She first dramatized her importance by appearing on the TV show Inside Edition. Yet when medical professionals hired by Scientology expressed opposing views, Wood changed significant details on the autopsy, which forced prosecutors to drop the charges. A state attorney memo said Wood was unable "to coherently explain her decision even under benign questioning."


Church attacks new French anti-cult law
June 23, 2000, Jon Henley, The Guardian


The French parliament yesterday adopted Europe's toughest anti-sect legislation yet, creating a controversial new crime of "mental manipulation" punishable by a maximum fine of #50,000 and five years imprisonment.

The move was applauded by Alain Vivien, head of a government committee that has identified 173 dangerous quasi-religious groups in France, but was denounced by both the Church of Scientology and the Unification Church as fascist, anti-democratic and in breach of basic human rights laws.

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Backers defend anti-drug program / School board is told the science is sound
June 23, 2004, Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle


But after stories in The Chronicle raised questions about the science behind the teachings and the presence of religious concepts in classroom lectures, school district officials ordered the program to revise part of its curriculum by this Thursday or be kicked out of the district.

Specifically, the district has disputed three Narconon claims: that all drugs are poisons, that drugs are stored in fat for years and may cause cravings for more drugs, and that alcohol is "made of dead rotted food." In addition, The Chronicle stories cited several doctors who disputed the Narconon claims that drugs wreak havoc until they are sweated out.

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L.A. schools look hard at Narconon / Scrutiny follows S.F., state review of anti-drug program
June 23, 2004, Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle


School district officials in Los Angeles have ordered a review of an anti-drug program whose teachings are linked with the Church of Scientology and are warning teachers that its instruction "is not based on science."

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The results behind Narconon's 'Truth About Drugs' program
June 23, 2004, Clark Carr, Open Forum, San Francisco Chronicle


Clark Carr is president of Narconon International (www.narconon.org).

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U.S. Lawmakers Fete Rev. Moon, Church Leader Gets Crown At Congressional Reception
June 23, 2004, CBS/AP, CBS News


Some of the lawmakers later said they were duped when questioned about their presence at the event held at the Dirksen Senate Office Building on March 23.

The Washington Post reported that Moon received a crown that was placed on his head. The crown was carried on a pillow by Rep. Danny K. Davis, D-Ill., who wore white gloves, the newspaper said. [Details of the reception were first reported by Salon.com.]

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Cruise squirter off the hook | Media | MediaGuardian
June 23, 2005, Chris Johnston, MediaGuardian

The Channel 4 camera crew arrested after squirting Tom Cruise with a water pistol will not face charges.

The actor has decided not to prosecute the prankster and his three crew members after the incident at the London premiere of War of the Worlds on Sunday.



'Church' that yearns for respectability
June 23, 2007, Dominic Kennedy, The Times


Scientology is trying to transform its image from that of a shadowy cult

A copy of the latest Cosreci accounts filed at Companies House shows an annual income of #10 million and nonproperty assets of #10.8 million including #6.7 million cash. The main Hubbard-influenced charity is Narconon, which claims to provide therapy and education against drug abuse. It has an annual income of #520,000. The Greenfields School, which promotes Hubbard's teachings for pupils aged 1 to 19, has #2.4 million assets and an annual turnover of #1 million.

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Scientologists set to cash in on tax break
June 23, 2007, Dominic Kennedy, The Times


A change in the legal definition of religion has opened the way for Scientology to claim a multi-million-pound British tax break by registering as a charity.

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Scientology: Ecclesiastical justice, Part 3 of 3 in a special report on the Church of Scientology
June 23, 2009, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times


The tactics to keep executives in line "are wrong from a Scientology viewpoint," said Rinder, who walked away two years ago. "They are not standard practice of Scientology. They are just not humanitarian. And they are just outright evil."

Church spokesmen confirm that managers are ordered into pools and assembled for group confessions. It's part of the "ecclesiastical justice" system the church imposes on poor performers.

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