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Scientology Crime Bosses Assault The Internet

On August 13th in Scientology history

Scientology crime bosses sue to stop citizens from exposing crimes on Internet
August 13, 1995, Seattle Times

U.S. marshals seized computer equipment and files yesterday from a Virginia human rights advocate accused by Scientology crime bosses of posting evidence of the syndicate's criminal activities on the Internet.

Marshals also served human rights rights activist Mr. Arnaldo Lerma, 44, with a restraining order barring him from revealing more of the syndicate's documents which expose the crimes and human rights abuses that the sdyndicate commits in a fake federal copyright infringement suit filed by the syndicate Friday.

[NOTE: Mr. Lerma eventually won, the crmie syndicate lost big time.]

Tags: Arnaldo Lerma


The Scientology crime syndicate tried to "command a higher profile" in Harlem
August 13, 2007, Anna Phillips, City Limits Weekly

The first thing many subway riders hear as they exit the subway station at 125th Street and Lexington Avenue often is, "Ma'am, do you have stress in your life?"

[NOTE: The crooks couldn't swindle money out of anybody so they stopped this scam.]


As Scientology falls apart Its Naysayers come forward to expose it

August 13, 2008, Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly

Masked protesters are taking to Seattle streets as the crime syndicate seeks to dump what little money it has left in to real estate in lower Queen Anne.

Tags: Ann Pearce, Anonymous, Real estate, Seattle


Scientology's Antagonists: Human Rights Heros
August 13, 2008, Lauren Smiley, SF Weekly

An ex-Scientologist and an army of online pranksters attempt to bring down the controversial "religion."

But Gorman's loyalty to Scientology turned to rage against it in 2001, after his then-teenage friend Jennifer Stewart, now his wife, alleged she was forcibly raped by an adult staff member of the Mountain View branch of the church. Both say that Scientology officials, including Quiros, urged them not to go to the police. Scientology staffers vigorously deny both allegations. In a later civil suit, the "church" weighed the bad press that might come from the "incendiary" allegations coming out at trial and paid Stewart a handsome 2005 out-of-court settlement that barely made the news.

Tags: Anonymous, Electric Klan, Fair Game, Ford Greene, Gabriel Williams, Jason Herr, Jeff Quiros, Kristi Wachter, Lawrence Wollersheim, Mark Warlick, Office of Special Affairs, Scientology Parishioners League, Sea Org, Suppressive Person, Tommy Gorman, Tory Christman


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scientology Loon Heterosexual Tom Cruise's Career Is Over

On August 11th in Scientology history

Tom Cruise's religion may affect his pocketbook in Germany
August 11, 1996, Showbiz, CNN

Actor Tom Cruise may have a movie blockbuster in the United States, but in Germany, the star of "Mission: Impossible" faces a controversy that could hit where it hurts: the pocketbook.


Scientology vs. Psychiatry; Scientology Explored
August 11, 2005, Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper 3600, CNN

COOPER: It's no secret that Tom Cruise is a devoted, outspoken member of the "Church" of Scientology. That has not always been the case. There was a time when the subject of his religion was off limits to reporters and to interviewers. Not so now. Just ask Matt Lauer who got lectured by Cruise weeks ago on what the actors says are the evils of psychiatry.

Now, while some are surprised by the chance in Cruise, former Scientologists insist it's really no mystery, they think it's related to his rise in the ranks of the "church." [Transcript]


Below the belt, without remorse
August 11, 2007, Naama Lanski, Haaretz

Scientology was also integrated into the firm's work, when an organizational consultant who draws on the doctrine was hired to work with the staff, and job candidates were given tests based on Scientology. "Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, wrote many courses on advertising, public relations and marketing, and when I read them I saw they matched what I had learned in practice, my [pretend]beliefs," Morell relates. Tzur finds this the appropriate time to leave the conference room we are sitting in so he can attend to prior commitments.


Scientologists find unlikely allies in other faiths
August 11, 2007, Matt Sedensky, Associated Press, Florida Times-Union

Scientology customers claim their fake "interfaith partnerships" show people of all faiths clamor for solutions to real-world problems. Detractors say it amounts to a cloaked effort to burnish the oft-maligned "church's" image and attract new members by appearing less clandestine and more diverse. And the clergy that have adopted aspects of the Scientologists" outreach say they're simply making use of programs that work.

Tags: ABLE, Andreas Heldal-Lund, Applied Scholastics, Narconon, Pat Harney, The Way to Happiness


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Monday, August 10, 2009

Scientology Classed as Organized Crime Not Religion

On August 9th in Scientology history

One Theory On Michael-Lisa: It's All A Plot
August 9, 1994, Richard N. Leiby, Washington Post, Seattle Times

Lisa Marie Presley, the King's only daughter and heir, has been a Scientologist since childhood; her mother, Priscilla, is said to have joined the church about a year after Elvis" death. Lisa Marie was married to a prominent Scientologist, Danny Keough, but quickly and quietly dissolved that union to marry Jackson in the Dominican Republic in May.

Keough's younger brother, Thomas - also a Scientologist - was an official witness of the Jackson-Presley nuptials. The "Church" of Scientology International issued a statement this week wishing the newlyweds "the very best for a joyful future."

Tags: Celebrity Centre, Danny Keough, FBI, IRS, Karin Pouw, Lawrence Wollersheim, Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson, Robert Vaughn Young


Scientology Crime Syndicate Assaults Europe Amid Fresh Calls for Ban in Germany
August 9, 2007, Marcus Bvsch, Deutsche Welle,2144,2730936,00.html

An alarming book, fresh demands for a ban and a rejection of those calls for a prohibition: the controversial Scientology crime syndicate has been all over the media, yet still aims to "missionize" Europe.

Tags: Ursula Caberta


Torture, or just plain torque? Scientology's insane 'Industry Of Death' Exhibition On Psychiatry Walks A Fine Line of domestic terrorism

August 9, 2007, Kevin Libin, National Post

"A major purpose of the Scientology crime syndicate is to destroy mental health and replace it with its own insane pseudo-counselling techniques. And Scientology's CCHR is one of Scientology's front-group weapons attempting to achieve that goal," says Stephen Kent, a University of Alberta sociologist specializing in new religions and cults.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scientology Creime Syndicate Attacks the Internet Again

On August 7th in Scientology history

Websites say sucks to big business
August 7, 2000, Duncan Campbell, Technology, The Guardian

While it is mainly big companies that seek to save themselves from embarrassment by buying up potentially rude sites, the "Church" of Scientology has also been unhappy about the use of its name in derogatory sites.

The ACLU is anxious to fight on behalf of the threatened sites so that they can create a new American adage: always giving a sucks an even break.


Narcon looking at second location
August 7, 2007, Heather Civil, Florida Freedom News, Walton Sun

Scientolgy's "Narconon" Gulf Coast, Inc. wants to purchase a three-story beach house
at 263 Snowdrift Road and turn it into a 28-bed residential fake "drug treatment" rehabilitation facility.

Tags: Narconon


Selling Scientology - A Former Scientologist Marketing Guru Turns Against the "Church"

August 7, 2008, Matt Davis, Portland Mercury

By 1982, Hawkins says he had already shot his fair share of attention-grabbing ads for the religionwhether they involved complex fly-by shots filmed from airplanes or interviewing celebrity Scientologists like former San Francisco 49ers quarterback John Brodie.

Hubbard's philosophy, says Hawkins, was to use ads to "splash the volcano" at the general public. This was linked to Scientology's belief that the image of a volcano has been embedded in people's minds from an experience in a former lifetime.

Hubbard is reported to have said that 75 million years ago, Earth's population was massacred by Xenu, the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy, who stacked us all around a volcano and killed us using nuclear bombsHubbard's 1968 lecture on the "Xenu theory" is now publicly available on the Wikileaks website.

"Splashing the volcano at them was supposed to hypnotize people back, or what they call 'key them in' to the whole Xenu incident," says Hawkins. "And then they would be somehow hypnotized to go and buy the book."

Tags: Anonymous, Apollo, Chuck Beatty, David Miscavige, Dianetics, Gwen Barnard, Jeff Hawkins, John Brodie, Larry Brennan, Marc Headley, Office of Special Affairs, Operating Thetan, Portland, Ronnie Miscavige, Sea Org, Sec Check, Shelly Corrias, Tommy Davis, Watchdog committee


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Scientology Murders Lisa McPherson Destroys Subpoenaed Evidence

On August 6th in Scientology history

Scientologists fighting to keep files secret
August 6, 1998, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

TAMPA -- For 13 years, Lisa McPherson took courses and counseling from the "Church" of Scientology, and all the while the church kept records of what she said.

Scientology's claim is that they have "strong beliefs" that those records should remain private was at issue Wednesday in a hearing concerning the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the church by McPherson's family. (In 2009 4 defectors admitted that they destroyed the evidence because it showed they murdered her.)

Tampa lawyer Ken Dandar, hired by the family to represent McPherson's estate, says he needs to see the notes to prepare his case.

Tags: Ken Dandar, Lisa McPherson, PC folders


Church of Scientology Buys More Harlem Property
August 6, 2007, Mark Wellborn, The Real Estate, New York Observer

In 2003, the Scientologists acquired 220 East 125th Street for $3.45 million. They're currently building a 33,000-square-foot church on that property and will build a new community center on the more recent acquisitions, according to Karin Pouw, a public affairs representative for the "church."

Tags: Karin Pouw, NYC, Real estate, Richard Fear


Narconon Crime Syndicate to meet with new potential neighbors
August 6, 2007, Heather Civil, Northwest Florida Daily News

MIRAMAR BEACH  Controversy over a fake drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility has moved from one beachside neighborhood to another.

Scientology's Narconon Gulf Coast Inc. wants to purchase a beach house at 263 Snowdrift Road and turn it into a 28-bed residential facility.

The Scientology organization drew heated opposition earlier this year with its plan to buy a house on Scenic Gulf Drive for the same purpose.

That purchase has since fallen through, and Narconon is now hoping to buy the house near the beach on Snowdrift Road.

Tags: Narconon


Scientology Underground
August 6, 2007, Jen Carlson, Gothamist

Though police kicked them out in 2005 for violating New York City Transit rules about vending in the subways, it seems they"ve still had a presence down there and, from this photo (taken in late 2006), they're still selling Dianetics (translated in 50 different languages, no less).

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scientology Racketeering Against Netcom

On August 5th in Scientology history

"Church" Of Scientology Settles Dispute With Internet Provider
August 5, 1996, Seattle Times

The "Church" of Scientology has settled a copyright dispute with an Internet provider that many in the computer industry worried would restrict freedom of expression in cyberspace.

Tags: Netcom, RTC


No answers in Scientology case
August 5, 1996, Rose Aguilar, CNET

Many Internet legal analysts are disappointed by an out-of-court settlement between Netcom and the "Church" of Scientology because now they"ll have to wait for another case to come to light before a court sets a firm precedent on Internet access providers" liability for online copyright infringement.

Tags: Dennis Erlich, Helena Kobrin, Judge Whyte, Netcom


Battlefield Travolta
August 5, 1999, Enzo Di Matteo, NOW Magazine

It's been a difficult couple of years for Scientology, which is trying to polish its fringe image as it awaits word from Revenue Canada about its application for charitable status.

But positive PR may be coming to a theatre near you. Screen star John Travolta, Scientology's most famous promoter, has embarked on a film adaptation of Battlefield Earth, the doomsday sci-fi thriller penned by the church's messianic founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Tags: Al Buttnor, ASI, Battlefield Earth, John Travolta, Montreal, Narconon, Xenu


Doc suspended for prescribing Valium
August 5, 2001, AP, The Trentonian

A doctor was suspended for a year for improperly prescribing Valium to unlicensed "Church" of Scientology workers caring for a church member who had suffered a mental breakdown.

Dr. David I. Minkoff, 53, of Clearwater, Fla., also a Scientologist, will lose his medical license for a year and will be required to practice under probation for two more years, the Board of Medicine ruled Friday. He was fined $10,000.

Tags: David Minkoff, Joan Wood, Lisa McPherson


Debunking a movement / Scientollywood
August 5, 2005, Carl Kozlowski, Pasadena Weekly

Exposing some of the unsavory claims that Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other celebrities would rather you didn't know about Scientology

Tags: Arnaldo Lerma, Building Management Services, Celebrity Centre, Cult Awareness Network, Fair Game, Graham Berry, Jack Parsons, Michelle Stith, OT, Richard Leiby, Robert Vaughn Young, Sea Org, Steven Fishman, Timothy Miller, Tom Cruise, Tory Christman, Uwe Geertz, Vistaril, Xenu


Margarita Lopez stays mum through Scientology flap
August 5, 2005, Paul Schindler, Downtown Express

In a series of three stories and an editorial that began Monday, the New York Post reported that Lopez was the key City Council player in securing $630,000 in city funds for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a center on Fulton St. that offers September 11 first responders treatments based on large amounts of Vitamin B-3, sauna baths and exercise, in lieu of traditional medical therapies. The treatment is based on theories developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology's late founder. Scientology's most famous exponent, Tom Cruise, was on hand with Lopez for the center's groundbreaking.

The Post reported that the treatment is widely dismissed by medical professionals and noted that the adverse public reaction led the firefighters' union to pull its support for the project.

Tags: Detox, John Carmichael, Margarita Lopez, Tom Cruise


The gullible age
August 5, 2007, Peter Millar, The Sunday Times

A man who holds no truck with established religion is unsurprisingly unlikely to have much good to say about Scientology, which purports to use scientific tools such as its controversial E-meter. It's purely made-up. It just taps into some gullibiligy'. They find some film star or somebody like Tom Cruise or whatever his name is who's thick as two short planks and he becomes a sort of advertisement.

Tags: Richard Dawkins


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Lisa Marie Presley Swindled By Scientology Crime Syndicate

On August 4th in Scientology history

Harmonic Conversion?
August 4, 1994, Richard Leiby, Washington Post

Lisa Marie Presley, the King's only daughter and heir, has been a Scientologist since childhood; her mother, Priscilla, is said to have joined the "church" about a year after Elvis" death. Lisa Marie was married to a prominent Scientologist, Danny Keough, but quickly and quietly dissolved that union to marry Jackson in the Dominican Republic in May.

Keough's younger brother, Thomas - also a Scientologist - was an official witness of the Jackson-Presley nuptials. The "Church" of Scientology International issued a statement this week wishing the newlyweds "the very best for a joyful future."

Tags: Celebrity Centre, Danny Keough, FBI, IRS, Karin Pouw, Lawrence Wollersheim, Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson, Robert Vaughn Young


Netcom and Scientology settle
August 4, 1996, CNET

The case involves claims by the Church of Scientology that a former "church" official turned critic used a bulletin board service and Netcom to post material on the Internet that infringed its copyrights.

Specifically, Religious Technology Center and Bridge Publications hold copyrights in the unpublished and published works of L. Ron Hubbard, the late founder of the "Church" of Scientology.

Co-defendant Dennis Erlich is a former "minister" of Scientology who became a vocal critic, with a Usenet newsgroup as his pulpit. Erlich's posting were made through a BBS, which was connected to the Internet through Netcom.

Tags: Bridge Publications, Dennis Erlich, Judge Whyte, RTC


Struggles with the Ugly Spirit
August 4, 1997, James Campbell, The Guardian,,102108,00.html

William S Burroughs, who has died aged 83, was the hard man of Hip. His aims as a writer were traditional, to entertain and instruct, but the means he chose to express them were unclassifiable, sometimes indescribable, occasionally unspeakable.


Doctor in Lisa McPherson case suspended
August 4, 2001, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

Florida's Board of Medicine has sternly sanctioned Clearwater physician David I. Minkoff, finding he improperly prescribed medicine for a patient he had never seen -- Scientologist Lisa McPherson.

Minkoff, also a Scientologist, prescribed Valium and the muscle relaxant chloral hydrate at the behest of unlicensed "Church" of Scientology staffers who were trying to nurse McPherson, 36, through a severe mental breakdown.

When they failed after 17 days of isolating her, Minkoff was recruited again. This time, he pronounced McPherson dead.

Tags: David Minkoff, Lisa McPherson


Clearwater Sun alum says City Desk clerk was a spy for Scientology
August 4, 2008, Eric Deggans, St. Petersburg Times

A particular standout is the essay crafted by Mike Pride, a well-regarded, recently-retired editor of the Concord Monitor, who worked at the Sun through the '60s and '70s. He writes that the newspaper didn't learn for years that the reason Scientologists seemed to know so much about their efforts to investigate them, is because a clerk at the paper was a spy for the "church."

Tags: Clearwater, Infiltration, June Phillips, Spies


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Human Rights Activists Ramp Up To Fight Scientology Crime Syndicate

On August 3rd in Scientology history

Selling Good Will, Or Dianetics? -- Major Games Sponsor Outrages Some By Its Link To Scientology
August 3, 1990, Marla Williams, Seattle Times

Despite the close relationship, Knight says individuals with reservations about the church have no reason to object to Bridge's sponsorship of the Games. "The church is a completely separate entity. It is not involved in the sponsorship of the Goodwill Games,"" she says.

Tags: Ann Ruble, Bridge Publications, Gary Harmon, Jobee Knight, Karyn Kuever, Margery Wakefield, Sharyn Runyan


A battle of beliefs waged in megabytes
August 3, 1994, Wayne Garcia, Column One, St. Petersburg Times

Scientologists and their critics are colliding in cyberspace.

The critics started the fight, creating an electronic bulletin board dubbed alt.religion.scientology on the Internet, a worldwide web of computer networks with an audience pushing 25-million. Kurt Weiland, who heads Scientology's legal and public affairs branch, dismissed much of the Internet traffic as irrelevant and a waste of time. In the next breath, though, he acknowledged that "we asked our law firm to look into what was going on."

A private investigator working for Scientology posed as a journalist to quiz a computer user in Bloomington, Ind., who is believed to have started the anti-Scientology newsgroup.

Tags: alt.scientology.war, David Miscavige, Elaine Siegel, Free Zone, Homer Wilson Smith, Jeff Jacobsen, Kurt Weiland, OSA, Stu Sjouwerman


Network gives voice to former Scientologists
August 3, 1994, Wayne Garcia, St. Petersburg Times

Although fewer than 150 people now use the computer network, Scientology officials have responded to FACTnet's existence with a blitz of legal threats and reams of allegations about its founders.

The church also has tried to derail publicity about FACTnet. The Church of Scientology sent two high-ranking officials from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg to lodge a protest when the Times asked about FACTnet.

Tags: FACTNet, Kurt Weiland, Lawrence Wollersheim, Linda Simmons Hight


Millionaire's bizarre feud with Scientology escalates
August 3, 1998, Lucy Morgan, St. Petersburg Times

So is Boston financier Robert S. Minton an arch-enemy of the Church of Scientology or a prospective member?

The multimillionaire, who has infuriated the church with his financial support of its enemies, says top Scientologists recently tried to recruit him as a member.

Scientology leaders deny offering membership but acknowledge they made overtures to help Minton because they say he has an "emotional problem." Minton - whose projects include bankrolling a lawsuit filed on behalf of Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist who died in Clearwater under mysterious circumstances - told the Scientologists to keep their help to themselves.

Tags: Elliot Abelson, Lisa McPherson, Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Robert Minton


The Dirt on Our Dirt
August 3, 2006, Michael Collins, Los Angeles

Parsons dabbled in the occult as a follower of Aleister Crowley, held sex- and drug-drenched orgies at his Pasadena mansion, and lost his wife and money to a pre-Scientology L. Ron Hubbard.

Tags: Jack Parsons


Scientologists Descend on Minneapolis Collapse Site
August 3, 2007, Marcus Baram, ABC News

The Church of Scientology and its globetrotting team of volunteer "ministers" have been active over the last several years, arousing the ire of critics who read unholy motives into the group's fake charitable works. In Minneapolis, the criminals claimed they were working with the Red Cross. Yet members of the Red Cross working at the disaster zone questioned by ABC News weren't aware of the Church's assistance.

Tags: Karin Pouw, National Mental Health Association, Red Cross, Rick Ross,
Volunteer Ministers


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Margarita Lopez Sells Scientology Frauds

On August 1st in Scientology history

Margarita and the Scientologists
August 1, 2005, New York Observer

It's worth adding one footnote to today's Post story on the tight relationship between Margarita Lopez and groups affiliated with the Church of Scientology. (Short version: She steers city funds into their, er, unconventional health programs; they give her campaign money.)

Tags: Gay, Margarita Lopez


The A-listers' belief system
August 1, 2005, Boyd Farrow, New Statesman

Some observers of the sect attribute Cruise's sudden outspokenness to his attainment of one of the most advanced grades along the "Bridge to Total Freedom", invented by Hubbard. Scientologists become "clear" (after it has been proved to them that their personal flaws result from trauma built up over trillions of years of reincarnation) by taking multiple courses, and through "auditing" via an "E-Meter", a Scientology brain-monitoring gadget. Church members past and present say reaching the highest levels usually takes between ten and 30 years.

Conservative estimates for the cost of this are roughly $30,000, but some people claim to have spent $250,000 on the "journey".

Tags: Celebrity Centre, David Miscavige, FDA, Freewinds, John Carmichael, Mimi Rogers, Narconon, Tom Cruise, Volunteer Ministers


Never Mind the Mollusks - Spiritual Philly should welcome the Scientologists.
August 1, 2007, Steven Wells, ON THE RADAR, Philadelphia Weekly

So let's cut Tom Cruise and co. some slack. Let's welcome the Scientologists to Philadelphia. Let's smile understandingly when they double-park outside their brainwashing center in the exact same way Christians double-park outside their brainwashing centers all over Philadelphia every single Sunday.

And soon behalf of all spiritual PhiladelphiansI'd like to say: Aloha, crazy, swivel-eyed, ridiculous-stuff-made-up-by-a-not-very-good-;science-fiction-author-with-a-silly-name believers. Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love. Good luck with the human hunting. Now how about paying some taxes?


$5M purchase paves way for Helmer building renovation
August 1, 2008, Portland Business Journal

The Church of Scientology is out and California-based First Republic Bank is in as a new owner takes control of the historic Helmer building in the heart of downtown Portland.

The Goodman family, which owns or controls numerous commercial sites in downtown, closed its purchase of the Helmer building at 969 S.W. Broadway on July 25 in a deal worth about $5 million.

Tags: Gwen Barnard, Portland, Real estate


Red Alert: Scientologists creeping back
August 1, 2008, Janaka Perera, Asian Tribune

Among the 'garbage' that was washed ashore in Sri Lanka in the immediate aftermath of the tsunami were a number of foreign-funded, unscrupulous evangelist groups. Among these were the 'Scientologists' trying to fish in troubled waters. After exposure by several foreigners including some German journalists as well as the Venerable Medagama Dhammananda of the Asgiriya Buddhist Chapter Sri Lanka, the group kept a low-profile, while 'helping' in the tsunami relief operations for sometime.

It now appears that these nefarious crusaders are creeping back into the island. Buddhists and followers of other established religions here need to be the high alert against these frauds.

Tags: Buddhism, Richard Behar, Sri Lanka, The Way to Happiness, Volunteer Ministers


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Red Alert: Scientologists creeping back
Fri, 2008-08-01 02:10
By Janaka Perera

Among the 'garbage' that was washed ashore in Sri Lanka in the immediate aftermath of the tsunami were a number of foreign-funded, unscrupulous evangelist groups. Among these were the 'Scientologists' trying to fish in troubled waters. After exposure by several foreigners including some German journalists as well as the Venerable Medagama Dhammananda of the Asgiriya Buddhist Chapter Sri Lanka, the group kept a low-profile, while 'helping' in the tsunami relief operations for sometime.

It now appears that these nefarious crusaders are creeping back into the island. Buddhists and followers of other established religions here need to be the high alert against these frauds.

The Venerable Dhammananda alleged that before the tsunami many Korean Scientologists were engaged in proselytizing activities in Sri Lanka posing off not as charity workers but as businessmen. They had set up businesses here with the permission from the Board of Investments. Kabool Lanka was one such establishment that covertly promoted Scientology while providing employment to people here, the Ven. Dhammananda pointed out. To the BOI of course nothing matters as long as there are foreign investments with little or no regard to who the investors are.

Commenting on the Scientologists claim that they respected all religions and especially Buddhism, the Venerable monk said that this was a ploy to deceive Buddhists.

The fact of the matter was that Scientologists were mixing aspects of Buddhism with their own "scientific" theories and calling this religious pickle, Scientology. The term Dianatecs, which Scientologists frequently use, is really a mixture of the Sanskrit Hindu-Buddhist word `dhyana' (meditation) and the English word 'technique.'

Soon after the tsunami a group of them were found distributing a 30 page full color, propaganda booklet in Sinhala, titled, Santhoshayata Maga (The Path to Joy) in Colombo suburbs of Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia. A copy of the half A-4 sized booklet that came into the hands of the late Deeptha Leelaratne, Editor of the U.S.-based Sri Lanka Express. The booklet carries maliciously distorted facts on Buddhism's history.

In a chapter that warns readers against wrong sexual behavior, the author states on page 8: "Adultery is nothing new. Buddhism, which was a powerful religion in India in the Seventh Century, disappeared from there *as a result of sex perversions of Buddhist monks in temples*."

Celebrities such as Hollywood Star Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Anne Archer being notable adherents of Scientology have been to the advantage of these crooks to conceal their true nature. But that has not deterred countries like Germany from refusing to recognize Scientology as a religion and regarding it as a cult masquerading as a church to make money.

Worldwide, numerous police actions and legal measures have been taken against them, for over a decade. In addition, they had lost lawsuits - the most famous of these was a U.S. Federal Appeal Panel upholding the dismissal of libel suit against the Time magazine for carrying on May 6, 1991 a special report (cover story) titled "Scientology - The Cult Of Greed," that exposed this `church' as a ruthless global scam that ruined lives and destroyed fortunes. In a section of the special report that appeared only in the magazine's international edition, Journalist Richard Behar recalled how nearly 40 years ago Britain, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Venezuela closed their ports to Scientologists, following public outcry. At one point, a French court had convicted Scientology Founder Ron Hubbard of fraud in absentia.

- Asian Tribune -

Friday, July 31, 2009

Scientology Ringleader Kidnaps Daughter Flees To Cuba

Los Angeles Daily News

May 1, 1951

Indications that Dianetics founder L. Ron Hubbard, 40, has fled to Cuba with the baby daughter he is accused of kidnapping were contained today in a letter submitted to the court by Mrs. Sara Northrup Hubbard, 25.

Mrs. Hubbard, who is suing for divorce on the grounds her husband is insane and who accused him of having kidnapped their daughter, Alexis, 13 months, last February 24th, presented to Superior Judge W. Turney Fox a letter written by Hubbard to her last April 15th.

The letter was submitted to bolster her request to serve Hubbard with divorce papers by publication since he has not been located for personal service. Judge Fox granted the petition.

This is Hubbard's letter to his wife:

"Dear Sara I have been in the Cuban military hospital and I am being transferred to the United States next week as a classified scientist immune from interference of all kind".

"Though I will be hospitalized probably a long time. Alexis is getting excellent care. I see her every day. She is all I have to live for".

"My wits never gave way under all you did and let them do, but my body didn't stand up. My right side is paralyzed and getting more so. I hope my heart lasts".

"I may live a long time and again I may not. But Dianetics will last 10,000 years-for the Army and Navy have it now".

"My will is all changed. Alexis will get a fortune unless she goes to you, as she would then get nothing. Hope to see you once more. Goodbye- I love you".

Mrs. Hubbard who seeks custody of her little girl, said that Hubbard's Dianetics foundation did a $1,000,000.00 business last year. "

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scientology Crime Syndicate Front Groups Commit Racketeering

On July 30th in Scientology history

Skinheads, skateboards, Scientology prompt calls
July 30, 1987, Robert Henderson, St. Petersburg Times

Meanwhile, the national office of the Cult Awareness Network reports that "a Scientology front group called the Concerned Businessmen's Association is sponsoring a Set a Good Example contest aimed at schools and youth groups, which centers around a booklet titled The Way to Happiness by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard." (Many Clearwater residents have been sent that booklet in the mail.)

When a similar contest was conducted in England, children were required to read the booklet and then carry out a project that sets a good example. The London Daily Mail reported that "several civic leaders who had initially endorsed the contest withdrew their support upon learning of the connection to Scientology."

Tags: CBAA, Cult Awareness Network, Richard Haworth, The Way to Happiness


French Scientology Case Barred

July 30, 2002, Associated Press, Journal Sentinel

A Paris judge has ruled that a 13-year-old case against the Church of Scientology alleging fraud and illegal practice of medicine cannot go to trial because the statute of limitations has expired, a judicial official said Tuesday.

Judge Colette Bismuth-Sauron ruled Friday that there was a lack of progress in the investigation and rejected the case on procedural grounds, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The criminal probe into 16 leaders of the church was opened in 1989 after a criminal complaint was filed by a former Scientologist, Juan Esteban Cordero. He accused the group of "progressive mental conditioning" that led him to spend more than $167,000 on Scientology-related courses.

However, in 1998, hundreds of documents that were to be used as evidence in the case disappeared from the Justice Ministry.

Tags: France, Legal


Web version:

Scientology Blackmails IRS Commissioner Then Claimes Revival

The notorious Scientology crime syndicate committed blackmail and extortion against the IRS Commisswioner and others working for the IRC, following people's children to and from school and committing organized crime racketeering and death threats.

Now the crime bosses proclaim the racketeering crimes they commit to be of benfit to everyone, not just their crmie bosses and ringleaders.

On July 29th in Scientology history

Critics Say IRS Ethics Problems Reduced
July 29, 1991, AP, Seattle Times

Two years after embarrassing allegations of misconduct and abuse of power by several of its managers, the Internal Revenue Service is getting good marks for improving its ethical climate.

"Substantial progress has been made," says Rep. Douglas Barnard, D-Ga., whose House Government Operations subcommittee has been investigating the IRS for three years.

Even the National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers, a Church of Scientology offshoot that dogs the agency's every move, offers a grudging commendation for positive strides to clean up the problem.

Tags: Coalition of IRS Whistle-blowers, Fred Goldberg, IRS


French Court Cuts Sentence of a Scientology Church Leader
July 29, 1997, Los Angeles Times

A French appeals court reduced the sentence Monday for a Church of Scientology leader convicted of involuntary homicide in the suicide of a member.

The case centered on the March 1988 suicide of Patrice Vic, 31, who jumped out a window.

Tags: Convicted, France, Jean-Jacques Mazier, Patrice Vic


Hubbard Textbooks Have State Approval
July 29, 1997, Duke Helfand, Los Angeles Times

The state education department has given preliminary approval to statewide use of school textbooks inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that already are at the center of a controversy in Los Angeles schools.

Five books based on Hubbard's education ideas are expected to be placed on a list of supplementary texts that schools across the state can purchasepossibly as soon as September, an education official said Monday.

Tags: Applied Scholastics, Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, Rena Weinberg


Hubbard Texts Approved for School Use
July 29, 1997, Duke Helfand, Los Angeles Times

The state education department has given preliminary approval to statewide use of school textbooks inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that already are at the center of a controversy in Los Angeles schools.

Five books based on Hubbard's education ideas are expected to be placed on a list of supplementary texts that schools across the state can purchasepossibly as soon as September, an education official said Monday.

Tags: Applied Scholastics, Bridge Publications, Los Angeles, Rena Weinberg


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Germany Curbs Scientology Crime Syndicate

On July 26th in Scientology history

German visitor takes on Scientology
July 26, 2000, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

Ursula Caberta, who heads a government office in Hamburg that works to curb Scientology in Germany, said Tuesday at a downtown news conference that Scientology is viewed in her country as "a new kind of political extremism." She also alleged that church officials have exaggerated hardships of Scientologists caused by her office and used fraud in an orchestrated effort to persuade U.S. lawmakers to impose sanctions against Germany.

Tags: Antje Victore, Germany, Hans Bschorr, Lisa McPherson Trust, Mark Rathbun, Nazi labelling, Robert Minton, Stacy Brooks, Ursula Caberta, William Walsh


Go Home, Tom Cruise! Why does Germany hate Scientologists?
July 26, 2007, Michelle Tsai, Explainer, Slate Magazine

Some German officials believe Scientology's ideology is rooted in a kind of political extremisma bit of a sensitive area for Germany since World War II. They also argue that Scientology is not a religion but a business, since local churches operate like franchises of the main organization.

Tags: France, Germany, Gordon Melton


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scientology Crime Offices Raided By Police

On July 25th in Scientology history

Scientology: Parry and Thrust
July 25, 1977, TIME Magazine,9171,919130,00.html

Dawn Raid. Last week it appeared that Scientologist methods had aroused a half-sleeping giant: the U.S. Government. Federal prosecutors began parading Scientology officials before a Washington grand jury following a door-busting dawn raid by FBI agents on church offices in Hollywood and the District of Columbia. Cartons of documents were seized, including dossiers on the private lives of federal judges hearing the church's suits, data on agency personnel, and other material that originated in Government files. Authorities charged that the Scientologists had pilfered scores of confidential documents after infiltrating the Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service.

Tags: DEA, FBI, FDA, IRS, Michael Meisner, Nazi labelling, Operation Snow White, Robert Vaughn Young


Vault to get Hubbard's writings
July 25, 1991, Bob Henderson, Editor's Note, St. Petersburg Times

They also are well-guarded and secretive. Overlooking the Petrolia vault, according to an electrical contractor quoted by Cempa, is an 8,000-square-foot bunker with "closed circuit TV cameras in almost every room and alarm systems all over."

The Petrolia vault is on 3,600 acres bought since 1984 by the Los Angeles-based Church of Spiritual Technology. Cempa says it is a Scientology splinter group set up to preserve the religious and philosophical writings of Hubbard.

Tags: Church of Spiritual Technology, CST, Michel Ouelette, Petrolia


The apparent double suicide of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan - Los Angeles Times -

July 25, 2007, Chris Lee, Los Angeles Times

"They thought Scientologists were really harassing them," Nichols said. "They would say, "They are following us, harassing our landlord." I did not see any evidence of that.



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Friday, July 24, 2009

Time Magazine Exposes Deadly Scientology Cult

On July 24th in Scientology history

Of Two Minds
July 24, 1950, TIME Magazine,9171,812852,00.html

A new cult is smoldering through the U.S. underbrush. Its name: dianetics. Last week its bible, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, was steadily climbing the U.S. bestseller lists.

Demand was especially heavy on the West Coast. Bookstores in Los Angeles were selling Dianetics on an under-the-counter basis. Armed with the manual, which they called simply "The Book," fanatical converts overflowed Saturday night meetings in Hollywood, held dianetics parties, formed clubs, and "audited" (treated) each other.

Tags: Dianetics, Frank Dessler, Jean Bordeaux, L. Ron Hubbard, Pauline Pumphrey, Vernon Twitchell


Bridge to Total Freedom a lifetime commitment
July 24, 2005, Alana Semuels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Some say it's the only true way toward a happier existence. Others label it a new religion that soon will be accepted in society, like the Mormon Church. And then there are the people who call it a cult.

Scientology has been called many things in its half century of existence, and even now, it is a controversial organization.


From the outside, looking in
July 24, 2005, Alana Semuels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Some of the things Chuck Beatty says he's done over the past 30 years sound like scenes from a science fiction movie.

Signing over a billion years of his current and future lives to service. Hiding from German news helicopters flying over the California camp where he lived. Spending more than six years doing hard labor under constant monitoring by his peers.

But Beatty, 53, now of Carnegie, says he was just one of the many faithful members of the Sea Organization, an intense division of the Church of Scientology. In 2004, Beatty left behind the life that had enveloped him for nearly three decades and moved to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles to assist other people interested in leaving, since he knows how difficult it is.

Tags: Chuck Beatty, David Bromley, Jim Richardson, Rebecca Denova, RPF, Sea Org, Stephen Kent


L. Ron Hubbard, founder
July 24, 2005, Virginia Linn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As the popularity of Scientology grew, so did the controversy surrounding it. Hubbard has been called a charismatic Renaissance man by admirers and a quack by critics.


Scientology comes to town
July 24, 2005, Virginia Linn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Although the office opened here with little fanfare, Scientologists have high hopes for its growth as they try to regain a foothold in the region after a false start in Washington County.

Tags: David Touretzky, Detox


Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg Spat Explained
July 24, 2006,

The New Yorker points out: "According to two close friends of Spielberg, Page Six was accurate, although the item did not note the real source of Spielberg's anger: After he mentioned to Cruise the name of a doctor  a friend  who prescribed Ritalin, the doctor's office was picketed by Scientologists.


Armenian immigrant and 5 others convicted of military-weapons charges in FBI sting
July 24, 2007, Larry Neumeister, AP, San Diego Union-Tribune

An Armenian immigrant accused of plotting to sell anti-aircraft missiles and other military weapons from the former Soviet Union to an FBI informant was convicted Tuesday along with five co-defendants.

Tags: Artur Solomonyan


For Xenu's sake, hear your kooky co-worker out
July 24, 2007, David Eddie, Globe and Mail


'Anonymous' plans mass Scientology protest
July 24, 2008, Daily Telegraph,22049,24070462-5006003,00.html

A SHADOWY web-based protest group is apparently planning a global demonstration against Scientology next month, publishing its creepy "training video" the internet.

The group, calling itself Anonymous has already staged demonstrations against Scientology in Australia and around the but now plans an even bigger international event on August 16.

Tags: Anonymous


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Germany Says Tom Cruise Is Scientology Nazi

On July 23rd in Scientology history

Cruise is 'Goebbels of Scientology', says German church
July 23, 2007, Tony Paterson, The Independent

Thomas Gandow, 60, chief spokesman on religious cults for the German Protestant Church, described Scientology as a "totalitarian organisation" and said that Mr Cruise had become "the Goebbels of Scientology".



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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scientology Classed as Organized Crime Not Religion

The United States does not class the notorious Scientology crime syndicate as religion, nor is the criminal enterprise reocgnized by the United States as a religion. The IRS classes the crooks as a tax exempt charity after racketeering, blackmail, and extortion the criminal enterprise committed against IRS Commissioner Fred Goldberg.

On July 21st in Scientology history

Church of stars set for city
July 21, 2005, Jon Griffin, Evening Mail, Birmingham Mail

Former diocesan spokesman Arun Arora said at the time that the Church, founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, was "as much a religion as a dog is a vegetable".

He said Scientology was regarded by many as "little more than a cult" and had been refused recognition as a religion by the UK Charity Commissioners.

Tags: Birmingham, Church of England, Graeme Wilson, UK, UK Charity Commission


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Scientology Crooks Deny Their NarCONon is Scientology

On July 17th in Scientology history

Town Welcomes, Then Questions a Drug Project
July 17, 1989, AP, New York Times

Townspeople say the California group, Narconon International, has not been honest about its affiliation with the Church of Scientology, its financing, its medical credentials and its plans for the project, which is to attract mostly out-of-state clients.

Narconon officials denied that the project had anything to do with Scientology, the townspeople say, until Newkirk officials produced a Scientology magazine with a article titled, "Trained Scientologists to Staff Huge Oklahoma Facility."

Tags: Gary Smith, Heber Jentzsch, Narconon, Oklahoma, Simon Hogarth, Spain


Judge rules Time can't be sued for calling Scientology 'cult of greed'
July 17, 1996, CNN

A federal judge has thrown out the remaining part of a $415 million lawsuit brought by the Church of Scientology against Time Warner Inc. The suit charged that Time magazine maliciously libeled the church in a 1992 article that called it a "cult of greed."

Tags: Legal


When Scientology attacks?
July 17, 2008, WWMT

The video of two men involved in an altercation outside a Church of Scientology has garnered a lot of hits on YouTube, but it happened right here in West Michigan.

Two men protesting the Church of Scientology got more than they bargained for when a man and a woman from the church came out and confronted them last week.

Tags: Anonymous, Battle Creek


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Scientology Drug Criminal Assaults Journalist

On July 13th in Scientology history

Cult or religion: What's the difference?
July 13, 1999, e-cyclopedia, BBC News

The term "cult", says the Cult Information Centre in London, applies to a group which demonstrates five different qualities (see fact box).

Scientologists are by no means averse to suing when the faintest scent of defamation is in the air. And the centre does not say that the church is a cult.

Tags: Branch Davidians, Cult Information Centre, Graeme Wilson, Ian Haworth,
Moonies, UK, UK Charity Commission


Man arrested after dispute with moviemaker
July 13, 2006, Jim Harrington, Clearwater Citizen

CLEARWATER  Two men got into a scuffle on July 8 when one of them apparently disliked the other man's taping of the goings-on at a street corner.

Tags: Michael Fitzgerald, Pat Harney, Shawn Lonsdale


South Park airs Scientology show
July 13, 2006, BBC News

A South Park episode that mocked actor Tom Cruise and Scientology will air later this month after a repeat of it was axed in March.

Tags: Isaac Hayes, South Park


St. Petersburg court shuts down Scientology Center (Russia)
July 13, 2007, Interfax

The St. Petersburg City Court has closed down the city's Scientology Center, accusing it of offenses such as unlicensed teaching and other activities not stated in its charter, the city prosecutor's office said.

Tags: Detox, Russia


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scientology Suicide May Have Been Swiss Citizen

On July 12th in Scientology history

Harbor drowning victim may have been Swiss
July 12, 1988, St. Petersburg Times

Clearwater police Lt. Jack Dowling said Peter Ernst Frei, a Swiss citizen, was reported missing to Clearwater police on June 29 by a "church" acquaintance.

The description of Frei and his clothing matches that of the drowning victim, Dowling said.

Dowling said Frei arrived in Clearwater on June 8 to take classes at the "Church" of Scientology. He was last seen a day or two before he was reported missing, Dowling said.

Tags: Clearwater, Death, Peter Frei, St. Petersburg Times


Tom, three questions for you
July 12, 2005, David Rowan, Column, The Times

So here are a few questions that the media ought to have asked Cruise. Tom, if you are so keen to place the Church firmly at the heart of public debate, why is it so anxious to suppress open discussion about its treatment record or finances? Why have defecting members been held to "billion-year" contracts to stay silent? And why have journalists investigating the church so often alleged that they met campaigns of personal intimidation and harassment?

Tags: Lawrence Wollersheim, Richard Behar, Tom Cruise, Xenu, The Times


Inside a mad-made religion
July 12, 2007, Hedley Thomas, The Australian,20867,22058312-28737,00.html

After the group's teachings were exposed in court this week following a double-slaying in Sydney, cult watchers including Aron see a rare opportunity to conduct a public debate about Scientology's influence on mental health and safety. "The (Scientologists) are probably hoping this will all go away and I'm hoping it won't just go away this time," Aron says.

"Governments should be looking closely at this, at least to see if (Scientologists) are breaching a duty of care and if they are complicit in a terrible double tragedy. It is a very significant matter that needs to be looked at laterally and level-headedly. It is just amazing that nothing like this has happened before to force the issue into the public arena."

Tags: Australia, Murder, Sydney, The Australian


Religion not a factor in mental health policy: Govt
July 12, 2007, ABC News (Australia)

The New South Wales Mental Health Minister, Paul Lynch, says fringe groups will not be allowed to dictate the states" health policy.

Tags: Australia, ABC News (Australia)


Russian court shuts down Scientology center in St. Petersburg: prosecutors
July 12, 2007, AP, International Herald Tribune

A Russian court has ordered a center operated by the Scientology movement in St. Petersburg to be shut down, city prosecutors said Thursday, after accusing the organization of unlicensed teaching and other activities.

The St. Petersburg City Court ordered the Scientology center closed after it agreed with prosecutors who said the center's operations were violating its charter.

Tags: Detox, Legal, Russia, International Herald Tribune


Secret Scientology letter war exposed
July 12, 2007, Joe Hildebrand, Daily Telegraph,,23599,22058789-2,00.html

SCIENTOLOGISTS have been bombarding NSW MPs with letters urging them not to make psychiatric drugs more available as part of an orchestrated campaign to stamp out their use.

But not one of more than 120 letters obtained by the Daily Telegraph identifies the author as a Scientologist despite many coming from its inner-west offices.

Tags: Australia,


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scientology Money Laundering Felonies

On July 11th in Scientology history

Scientology chief got millions, ex-aides say
July 11, 1984, Robert Lindsey, New York Times

Former officials of the Church of Scientology say they helped L. Ron Hubbard, the reclusive founder of the cult- like organization, to secretly divert more than $100 million from the church into foreign bank accounts he controlled.

Tags: ASI, Canada, David Miscavige, Edward Walters, Fair Game, FBI,
Germany, Gerry Armstrong, GO, Howard Schomer, IRS, Judge Breckenridge,
Kima Douglas, Laurel Sullivan, Michael Flynn, Operation Snow White,
Pat Broeker, PC folders, RTC, Secondary copy, Toronto, New York Times


Scientologist arrested after altercation with filmmaker
July 11, 2006, Jacob H. Fries, St. Petersburg Times

CLEARWATER - A longtime member of the Church of Scientology was arrested Saturday after he scuffled with an amateur filmmaker who was videotaping on a downtown sidewalk next to a sign reading "Cult Watch," police and a witness said.

Tags: St. Petersburg Times


Two tussle over filmmaker's camera
July 11, 2006, Jacob H. Fries, St. Petersburg Times

A longtime member of the Church of Scientology was arrested Saturday after he scuffled with an amateur filmmaker who was videotaping on a downtown sidewalk next to a sign reading "Cult Watch," police and a witness said.

Michael Fitzgerald, 52, a self-employed carpenter, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on a misdemeanor battery charge and released after posting $250 bail.

Tags: Clearwater, Michael Fitzgerald, Pat Harney, Shawn Lonsdale, St.
Petersburg Times


Scientology the cult of disbelief
July 11, 2007, Michelle Cazzulino, Daily Telegraph,22049,22052218-5001031,00.html

Beals said he had been advised by the Church of Scientology against seeking therapy. According to him, the organisation's members talked him out of accessing psychological help while "bleeding dry" his bank accounts.

"If I wouldn't have got involved with Scientology, I wouldn't have committed this crime," he said.

Tags: Australia, Cyrus Brooks, Gary Beals, Joava Good, Xenu, Daily


Minister free to call Scientologists bastards: Rann
July 11, 2008, John Wiseman, The Australian

THE South Australian Government was at odds with the Church of Scientology last night after backing the right of a senior state minister to brand its members "bastards".

Education Minister Jane Lomax-Smith has also questioned the organisation's tax-free status in comments to an anti-Scientology group called Anonymous, which it posted on popular internet site YouTube.

Tags: Anonymous, Australia, Jane Lomax-Smith, Mike Rann, The


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Scientology Lies About Their Australian Murder

On July 10th in Scientology history

He said, they said
July 10, 2006, Bay News 9, Bright House Networks,%20they%20said

A man filming a documentary outside the Church of Scientology in Clearwater says he was attacked by a man claiming to be a Scientologist.

Tags: Drew Sweet, Michael Fitzgerald, Pat Harney, Shawn Lonsdale


Accused family killer was 'denied treatment by Scientologist parents'
July 10, 2007, Barbara McMahon, The Guardian,,2122476,00.html

A woman accused of killing her father and sister and injuring her mother was denied psychiatric treatment by her parents who were Scientologists, a court heard yesterday.


Church of Scientology denies stabbed man 'a recruiter'
July 10, 2007, Fiona Connolly, Daily Telegraph,,23599,22048072-2,00.html

THE Church of Scientology last night denied the Sydney man who was allegedly stabbed to death by his psychotic daughter after refusing her psychiatric drugs was a top recruiter for the church.

A man with the same name as the dead father is listed on the Church of Scientology's "Honour Roll" in the 2002 Impact magazine which glorifies members worldwide for their efforts in "signing more than 20 members to the church" or for donating $US20,000 ($23,200) or more.


Scientologists 'flat earthers'
July 10, 2007, Dylan Welch, Sydney Morning Herald

Mr Brooks went on to argue that modern psychiatry used many methods that were largely "unproven" and psychiatric assumptions - such as chemical imbalances in the brain - simply did not exist.

Almost immediately after Mr Brooks finished his interview, Sydney University psychiatrist Chris Tennant phoned ABC Radio to reject the Scientologist's beliefs.

Saying it was "so sad to hear the flat-earthers getting on the radio", Professor Tennant denied modern psychiatry was largely "unproven", stating the amount of research on mental illness was "as strong" as that for cancer and heart disease.

"It's a tragedy to hear this mumbo jumbo being proselytised by this group," he said.

"The sad thing about this sounds to be that this girl may well have been prescribed some psychiatric treatment but living in a family which had the Scientology attitude there is no way there would have been what we term compliance."

Tags: Australia, Chris Tennant, Cyrus Brooks, Rosanna Capolingua


Sect to reject role in deaths
July 10, 2007, Fiona Connolly, Daily Telegraph,22049,22045259-5001021,00.html

A man with the same name as the dead father is listed on the Church of Scientology's "Honor Roll" in the 2002 Impact magazine which glorifies members worldwide for their efforts in "signing more than 20 members to the church" or for donating $US20,000 or more.

The man's daughter, 25, faced Bankstown Local Court yesterday charged with fatally stabbing her father and sister at their Revesby home last Thursday. She is also charged with stabbing her mother, 52.

Tags:, Vicki Dunstan, WISE


Scientology Nation: L. Ron Hubbard's otherworldly salvation plan erupts on Montana's Blackfeet Reservation
July 10, 2008, Paul Peters, Missoula Independent, SL Weekly

Running Crane isn't the only one forming a connection to Scientology. Emissaries connected to the religion and to Narconon, a nonprofit drug treatment and education program affiliated with Scientology, have been making inroads on the reservation throughout the past year. Scientologists have offered free seminars and all-expenses-paid retreats at a luxurious Scientology center near Los Angeles. They've also sent boxes of Hubbard's books to several tribal members working at Crystal Creek Lodge, the only drug-treatment center on the reservation. The center uses 12-step programs common to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon. (Narconon, despite its similar name, is not connected with any 12-step program.)

Tags: Alfred Johnson, Blackfeet, Blood Brother, Celebrity Centre, Chief Earl
Old Person, Clark Carr, Crazy Dog Society, Galaxy Press, John Goodwin, Larry
Ground, Marilyn Rhodes, Montana, Narconon, Old Tom, Pat Calf Looking,
Patricia Devereaux, Rayola Running Crane, Rick Ross, Saginaw Grant, Steven
Kent, War Bonnet


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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scientology Murdered Another In Australia

On July 9th in Scientology history

Scientology case takes toll on doctor
July 9, 2005, Susan Taylor Martin, St. Petersburg Times

Former Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan Wood has relinquished her Florida medical license in the wake of a state health department claim that she "became an advocate for the Church of Scientology" in a bitter dispute over the 1995 death of Scientology member Lisa McPherson.

Tags: Ben Shaw, Bernie McCabe, Joan Wood, Lisa McPherson


Accused 'butchered' Scientologist family, court told
July 9, 2007, AAP, The Australian,20867,22044493-2702,00.html

A SYDNEY woman accused of fatally stabbing her father, sister and injuring her mother was denied psychiatric treatment by her parents who were Scientologists, a court was told today.

Tags: Australia, Sydney


'I just butchered my family'
July 9, 2007, David Braithwaite, Sydney Morning Herald

The parents of a woman accused of murdering her father and sister apparently declined psychiatric treatment for her last year because of their Scientology beliefs, a report tendered in court states.

And a police version of events tendered to the court outlined the nightmarish scenario faced by the family's neighbours following the alleged murders.

Tags: Australia, Sydney


Religion's rise in the stars
July 9, 2007, Carla Danaher, Herald Sun,21985,22038951-2862,00.html

VICTORIA'S Scientology population has almost doubled in a decade, figures reveal. There are 629 Scientologists in Victoria, compared with 324 in 1996.

Census data prepared for the Herald Sun shows that Melbourne's Yarra Ranges and Whitehorse areas are the state's Scientology capitals.

Australia-wide, there were 2507 Scientologists in 2006, up from 1489 a decade ago.

Tags: Australia, Census, Emmanuel Foundas


Scientology beliefs 'stopped accused killer getting treatment'
July 9, 2007,,23599,22042754-1702,00.html

A SYDNEY woman charged with murdering her father and sister and seriously injuring her mother was apparently denied psychiatric treatment because of her parents" alleged Scientology beliefs, a court has been told.

Tags: Australia, Sydney


Woman stabbed Scientologist parents
July 9, 2007, IOL

Sydney - An Australian woman accused of murdering her father and sister was apparently denied psychiatric treatment because of her parents" Scientology beliefs, a court heard on Monday.

Tags: Australia, Murder, Sydney


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scientology Is Cult Awareness Network

On July 7th in Scientology history

Church of Scientology settles suit with PR firm
July 7, 1994, Wayne Garcia, St. Petersburg Times

On the verge of a trial, the Church of Scientology has settled a $40-million federal lawsuit against its former publicity agent, Hill & Knowlton, and foe Eli Lilly and Co. for an undisclosed sum of money.

No one involved in the litigation, however, is discussing the terms of the agreement, which was completed last week.

"All parties acknowledged that they are pleased that the case has been settled," said a statement from the Church of Scientology International in Los Angeles.

The agreement requires confidentiality, said Kurt Weiland, a director of the Church of Scientology International and head of its Office of Special Affairs.

Tags: Fishman, Kurt Weiland


How Scientology turned its biggest critic
July 7, 2002, Deborah O'Neil, St. Petersburg Times

Minton and Scientology had engaged in an acrimonious public battle for years, spending millions on mutual destruction.

Now they were talking truce. It wasn't long before Minton had become Scientology's star witness.

Tags: Ben Shaw, Jesse Prince, Judge Schaeffer, Ken Dandar, Lawrence
Wollersheim, Lisa McPherson, Lisa McPherson Trust, Mike Rinder, Monique
Yingling, Robert Minton, Steve Hassan


July 7, 2005, Richard Leiby, Live discussion, Washington Post

Richard Leiby: Yes, Scientologists do indeed now run the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). How the takeover occurred is a very long and complicated story, but it was essentially the result of a long and harsh legal campaign by Scientology to put CAN out of business. The church succeeded -- and then its members went on to buy the name after CAN went bankrupt.

Tags: Hypnosis, Richard Leiby


Battle with Scientology sparks Schwarzenegger pardon request
July 7, 2007, AP, San Jose Mercury News

SACRAMENTOA former Silicon Valley computer consultant whose decade-long fight with the Church of Scientology led to his ruin is asking Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to free him from a Riverside County jail.

Keith Henson's crusade against the church brought him a misdemeanor conviction for interfering with the rights of others to practice their religion. The 64-year-old Californian is now two months into a six-month jail sentence for the crime.


Greta Van Susteren Bays For Blood Of Anderson Cooper
July 7, 2008, Ryan Tate, Gawker

As a member of two vindictive cults  Fox News and Scientology  cable news anchor Greta Van Susteren is an absolute pro at channeling rage. Witness the blog post she typed up on the 4th of July holiday. The executive producer of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 last week called Susteren's On The Record "not a news program. It's missing-person of the day."

Tags: Anderson Cooper, Greta Van Susteren


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Monday, July 6, 2009

Tom Cruise Insanity Makes People Visit Insane Scientology Web Sites

On July 6th in Scientology history

Scientology takes mission to the streets
July 6, 2003, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times

A group of high-ranking Scientologists, concerned the church's Tampa facilities aren't up to snuff, is investing more than $2.5- million to buy a second cigar factory in West Tampa and to lease and renovate a two-story building on one of the hottest corners in Ybor City.

The church's three properties, staffed by nearly 100 people, will be the base for Scientology's most aggressive appeal for members to the Tampa Bay community.

Tags: Ana Tirabassi, Ben Shaw, Body routing, Detox, Louise Cournoyer, Peggy
Guigon, Purif, Real estate, Wayne Fuller


A Method To Cruise's Madness?
July 6, 2005, Fresh Intelligence, Radar Online

From the looks of it, Tom Cruise's televised crackup is actually helping the Church of Scientology's recruitment efforts. Since he declared his eternal love for Katie Holmes in early May, visits to the Church's official website have shot up 263 percent to a peak of 375,000 visitors per day last week, according to site traffic tracker alexa.

Tags: John Carmichael, Tom Cruise


Postpartum Depression Ignites Shields's Antistigma Crusade
July 6, 2007, Mark Moran, Psychiatric News



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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scientology FrontSight Gun Nut Extremists

On July 5th in Scientology history

July 5, 2005, Frank K. Flinn, Live discussion, Washington Post

Frank K. Flinn, adjunct professor of religious studies at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., was online Tuesday, July 5, at 3 p.m. ET to discuss Scientology.

Tags: Frank K. Flinn


Scientology courts the stars
July 5, 2005, Kari Huus, MSNBC

It's a reflection of how Hollywood's rich and famous generate positive buzz for Scientology, recognized by the federal government as a religious organization but denounced by critics as a cult that extracts tens of thousands of dollars from its followers.

Tags: Celebrity Centre, Greg LaClaire, Lee Anne De Vette, Pat Kingsley, Rick
Ross, Tom Cruise


Celebration Turns Deadly at FrontSight Firearms Training
July 5, 2007, Colleen McCarty, Las Vegas Now, KLAS

A Fourth of July celebration at a weapons training facility near Pahrump ended with the death of a young father.


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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Scientology Sporgery Felonies

On July 4th in Scientology history

Freedom Flames Out on the 'Net
July 4, 1996, Colman Jones, NOW Magazine

What he and hundreds of others logging onto the group are experiencing is a "spam," in which someone posts dozens or even hundreds of messages to the same newsgroup, or the same message to different newsgroups. But this is no ordinary spam. Little does he realize it at the time, but Newman has just witnessed the start of what some are calling the biggest traffic jam in the history of the Net.

For weeks afterwards, this popular computer bulletin board is swamped daily by a mountain of pro-Scientology articles (nearly 28,000 at last count), posted by automatic computer programs in an apparent attempt to drown out criticism of the church.

Newman and other critics of Scientology suspect the culprit is the church itself. For their part, representatives of the church say they have no idea who's behind it, but they certainly don't appear to object to what's going on.

Tags: alt.scientology.war


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Friday, July 3, 2009

Scientology Racketeers Cult Awareness Network

On July 3rd in Scientology history

Deprogrammer charged in Eastside case
July 3, 1993, Gordy Holt, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

As outlined in an affidavit filed by Grays Harbor Deputy Prosecutor Joseph F. Wheeler, Scott told police his mother, then known as Kathy Tonkin, that Ross and three other men held him for four days in an Ocean Shores condominium while attacking his religious beliefs.

Tags: Charles Simpson, Harold Kern, Jason Scott, Joe Wheeler, Life
Tabernacle, Mark Workman, Rick Ross


Immune to Critics, Secret-Spilling Wikileaks Plans to Save Journalism ... and the World
July 3, 2008, Ryan Singel, Wired

More controversially, the site has begun posting confidential documents from the secretive and litigious Church of Scientology, and from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Those leaks demonstrate that the site has veered from its mission to expose the secrets of repressive governments, says Aftergood, treading instead on the dangerous ground of religious persecution.

Tags: ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Julian Assange, Steven Aftergood,


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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scientology Disowns Customer Who Drowns

On July 2nd in Scientology history

Police seek identity of man who drowned
July 2, 1988, St. Petersburg Times

The body was discovered about 10 a.m. Thursday along the shore off Victoria Drive near Main Street and may have been in the water about eight hours, police said. Officials believe the man drowned, based on a medical examiner's preliminary test results.

The man is described as white, 35 to 45 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 144 pounds. He had graying and receding dark brown hair. He was wearing yellow, blue, white and black jams, with white socks and Reebok shoes.

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State to evaluate Narconon - Research group tapped to look at anti-drug teachings
July 2, 2004, Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle

State schools chief Jack O"Connell has asked a research group known for its rigorous reviews of health curriculum to spend three months evaluating the Narconon anti-drug program, whose classroom instruction has been linked to the Church of Scientology.

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Mind Games: Scientology vs. Psychiatry
July 2, 2006, Five Live Report, BBC Radio

Reporter Elodie Harper goes undercover to reveal the tactics used by Scientology followers in the immediate aftermath of traumatic events.

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Hubbard's Scientology 'built on nonsense'
July 2, 2007, Jill Singer, Herald Sun,23599,22001905-5007146,00.html

Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is built on nonsense from whoa to go.

Hubbard lied about his university qualifications. Thrice married, he posed as an expert on marital success.

In 1964, an inquiry in Victoria found that Scientology presented a grave threat to family and home life.

"As well as causing financial hardship, it engenders dissension, suspicion and mistrust among members of the family," said the inquiry. "Scientology has caused many family estrangements."

As for Hubbard, the inquiry said he built a crazy and dangerous edifice based on a smattering of knowledge in various sciences.

Essentially, Scientology is big business masquerading as religion and we all have reason to question it.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Mysterious Scientology Death

On July 1st in Scientology history

Body is found in Clearwater Harbor
July 1, 1988, Mike Jackson, St. Petersburg Times

The body was found about 10 a.m. floating face-down along the shore off Victoria Drive near Main Street, Dunedin police said.

The body probably had been in the water about eight hours, said Dunedin Police Sgt. G. M. Hollis. The man apparently drowned, Hollis said, and no foul play was suspected. The medical examiner's office planned an autopsy and had not determined the cause of death Thursday.

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L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology: An annotated bibliographical survey of primary and selected secondary literature
July 1, 1999, Marco Frenschkowski, Marburg Journal of Religion

No New Religious Movement has been a subject of more public interest and of more heated discussions in Germany during the last two decades than Scientology. I first became interested in this debate in the early Eighties, but only in 1996/1997 - after completing a similar project about Theosophy and Helena Blavatsky - I seriously started to search for available material on Hubbard and the movement he founded. Only then I became aware of the rather paradoxical situation in Germany

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Scientology -- Is this a Religion?
July 1, 1999, Stephen A. Kent, Marburg Journal of Religion

Although some social scientists insist that Scientology is a religion, the more appropriate position to take is that the organization is a multi-faceted transnational corporation that has religion as only one of its many components. Other components include political aspirations, business ventures, cultural productions, pseudo-medical practices, pseudo-psychiatric claims, and (among its most devoted members who have joined the Sea Organization), an alternative family structure.

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Scientology - Are we Clear on This?
July 1, 2002, Bob Gersztyn, The Wittenburg Door

We don't have to tell YOU about L.Ron Hubbard, his book Dianetics, and the religion it spawnedScientology. In fact, until just recently, most media outlets WOULDn't tell you about it given Scientology's well-deserved reputation for litigation. Instead, let us tell you about Tory Bezazian.

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Close Encounters of the Scientology Kind
July 1, 2005, Jonann Brady, ABC News

We had seen the Scientologists offering "free stress tests" in the middle of the Times Square subway station. In the name of research and curiosity, we decided to take them up on the offer, approaching discreetly and separately.


Scientology's war on psychiatry
July 1, 2005, Katharine Mieszkowski, Salon

But the Church of Scientology's war on psychiatry is no joke. For decades, Scientologists have maintained that the very notion of mental illness is a fraud. They base this belief on the views of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, who proclaimed that psychiatry was an evil enterprise, a form of terrorism, and the cause of crime. Now, they're attempting to enshrine their contempt for psychiatry in laws across the country.

Recently, Scientologists have promoted legislation in Florida, Utah and New Hampshire that seeks to discredit psychiatry and drug therapies, especially for kids. The laws would penalize, even criminalize, schoolteachers who recommended mental health treatments to students or parents. At the same time, Scientologists have infiltrated the public schools, promoting a drug abuse program that presents information -- that drugs like marijuana and LSD, for instance, accumulate in body fat and create constant cravings -- roundly dismissed by medical experts.

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War of Words
July 1, 2005, Brooke Shields, Op-Ed, New York Times

I WAS hoping it wouldn't come to this, but after Tom Cruise's interview with Matt Lauer on the NBC show "Today" last week, I feel compelled to speak not just for myself but also for the hundreds of thousands of women who have suffered from postpartum depression. While Mr. Cruise says that Mr. Lauer and I do not "understand the history of psychiatry," I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Mr. Cruise has never suffered from postpartum depression.

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Church of Scientology buys site in Center City
July 1, 2007, Michael Klein, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Church of Scientology last month paid just under $8 million for a vacant 15-story office building and an adjoining one-story former toy store in the heart of downtown: the 1300 block of Chestnut Street - across the street from Macy's and next door to the furniture store Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Earthlink A Scientology Company

On June 30th in Scientology history

Shadow Boxing
June 30, 1996, Robert Wright, Slate Magazine

With EarthLink preparing for its first public stock offering, this is not good publicity. On the Net, the Church of Scientology is the antichrist. It slaps lawsuits on church critics who post quotes from copyrighted church documents, sometimes getting federal marshals to search homes and seize computer disks. There's no evidence that the church currently uses extralegal weapons against online criticspries into their e-mail, say. Still, among the desirable qualities of an Internet access providerthe company whose computers all your e-mail and cyberwanderings pass through"Church of Scientology affiliated" does not rank high.

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Baring his soul a risky business for Cruise
June 30, 2005, Reuters, New Zealand Herald

In a testy exchange on the Today show, Cruise called psychiatry a "pseudo-science" and told co-host Matt Lauer: "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do."

Cruise's behaviour has ignited speculation he might damage his image and undermine the success of his movies.


Scientology Timeline - Important dates for Scientology
June 30, 2005, ABC News


The press vs. Scientology
June 30, 2005, Joe Strupp, Salon

For anyone interested in the Church of Scientology, the May 6, 1991, issue of Time magazine remains a milestone in news coverage. For those who back the church, it ran an outrageously biased account that eventually led to a libel suit by the church -- later dismissed -- and prompted Scientology leaders to launch a counterspin that continues today.

But for many who have long questioned the church, founded by the late L. Ron Hubbard and embraced by a string of Hollywood stars, that article represents one of the genuinely aggressive reports on the organization. And their concern is that what subsequently happened to Time -- and to other publications that tried to peek behind the church's cheerful exterior -- explains why few investigative reports on the church have followed.

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War of words ignites over anti-depressant use
June 30, 2005,


Church of Scientology buys a bigger home in Nashville on Nashville City Paper
June 30, 2008, Richard Lawson, Nashville City Paper

Late last Thursday, the church purchased the Fall School Business Center along Eighth Avenue South for $6 million.

The property reportedly will become the new home of the church's Celebrity Centre Nashville, which currently sits in a small house along Music Row.

The Fall School site has roughly 36,000-square-feet of space.

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Historic nature of Fall School justifies $6 million price tag, Scientologists say
June 30, 2008, Nashville Business Journal

The Church of Scientology Religious Trust purchased the executive suit building at 1130 Eighth Ave. S. along with adjacent properties at 1112 and 1114 Eighth Ave. S. for $6 million from Fall School Associates June 26, according to records and the Davidson County Register of Deeds.

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Scientology's Crushing Defeat
June 30, 2008, Tony Ortega, Village Voice

Even before it started, the 1986 trial of Lawrence Wollersheim v. the Church of Scientology of California caused a mob scene at L.A.'s downtown superior court.

When a judge decided during pretrial motions that documents describing confidential Scientology beliefs should be put in a file open to the public, 1,500 Scientologists swamped the court clerk's office to keep anyone else from requesting them. The next day, the judge resealed those records. But an L.A. Times reporter managed to get past the crush of Scientologists and copy the file. Newspapers around the country had a field day with what the Times reported: the documents showed that high-level Scientologists are taught that each human contains the souls of alien creatures banished to Earth 75 million years ago by a galactic overlord named Xenu.

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