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Scientology Crime Offices Raided By Police

On July 25th in Scientology history

Scientology: Parry and Thrust
July 25, 1977, TIME Magazine,9171,919130,00.html

Dawn Raid. Last week it appeared that Scientologist methods had aroused a half-sleeping giant: the U.S. Government. Federal prosecutors began parading Scientology officials before a Washington grand jury following a door-busting dawn raid by FBI agents on church offices in Hollywood and the District of Columbia. Cartons of documents were seized, including dossiers on the private lives of federal judges hearing the church's suits, data on agency personnel, and other material that originated in Government files. Authorities charged that the Scientologists had pilfered scores of confidential documents after infiltrating the Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service.

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Vault to get Hubbard's writings
July 25, 1991, Bob Henderson, Editor's Note, St. Petersburg Times

They also are well-guarded and secretive. Overlooking the Petrolia vault, according to an electrical contractor quoted by Cempa, is an 8,000-square-foot bunker with "closed circuit TV cameras in almost every room and alarm systems all over."

The Petrolia vault is on 3,600 acres bought since 1984 by the Los Angeles-based Church of Spiritual Technology. Cempa says it is a Scientology splinter group set up to preserve the religious and philosophical writings of Hubbard.

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The apparent double suicide of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan - Los Angeles Times -

July 25, 2007, Chris Lee, Los Angeles Times

"They thought Scientologists were really harassing them," Nichols said. "They would say, "They are following us, harassing our landlord." I did not see any evidence of that.



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