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Scientology Suicide May Have Been Swiss Citizen

On July 12th in Scientology history

Harbor drowning victim may have been Swiss
July 12, 1988, St. Petersburg Times

Clearwater police Lt. Jack Dowling said Peter Ernst Frei, a Swiss citizen, was reported missing to Clearwater police on June 29 by a "church" acquaintance.

The description of Frei and his clothing matches that of the drowning victim, Dowling said.

Dowling said Frei arrived in Clearwater on June 8 to take classes at the "Church" of Scientology. He was last seen a day or two before he was reported missing, Dowling said.

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Tom, three questions for you
July 12, 2005, David Rowan, Column, The Times

So here are a few questions that the media ought to have asked Cruise. Tom, if you are so keen to place the Church firmly at the heart of public debate, why is it so anxious to suppress open discussion about its treatment record or finances? Why have defecting members been held to "billion-year" contracts to stay silent? And why have journalists investigating the church so often alleged that they met campaigns of personal intimidation and harassment?

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Inside a mad-made religion
July 12, 2007, Hedley Thomas, The Australian,20867,22058312-28737,00.html

After the group's teachings were exposed in court this week following a double-slaying in Sydney, cult watchers including Aron see a rare opportunity to conduct a public debate about Scientology's influence on mental health and safety. "The (Scientologists) are probably hoping this will all go away and I'm hoping it won't just go away this time," Aron says.

"Governments should be looking closely at this, at least to see if (Scientologists) are breaching a duty of care and if they are complicit in a terrible double tragedy. It is a very significant matter that needs to be looked at laterally and level-headedly. It is just amazing that nothing like this has happened before to force the issue into the public arena."

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Religion not a factor in mental health policy: Govt
July 12, 2007, ABC News (Australia)

The New South Wales Mental Health Minister, Paul Lynch, says fringe groups will not be allowed to dictate the states" health policy.

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Russian court shuts down Scientology center in St. Petersburg: prosecutors
July 12, 2007, AP, International Herald Tribune

A Russian court has ordered a center operated by the Scientology movement in St. Petersburg to be shut down, city prosecutors said Thursday, after accusing the organization of unlicensed teaching and other activities.

The St. Petersburg City Court ordered the Scientology center closed after it agreed with prosecutors who said the center's operations were violating its charter.

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Secret Scientology letter war exposed
July 12, 2007, Joe Hildebrand, Daily Telegraph,,23599,22058789-2,00.html

SCIENTOLOGISTS have been bombarding NSW MPs with letters urging them not to make psychiatric drugs more available as part of an orchestrated campaign to stamp out their use.

But not one of more than 120 letters obtained by the Daily Telegraph identifies the author as a Scientologist despite many coming from its inner-west offices.

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