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Scientology Disowns Customer Who Drowns

On July 2nd in Scientology history

Police seek identity of man who drowned
July 2, 1988, St. Petersburg Times

The body was discovered about 10 a.m. Thursday along the shore off Victoria Drive near Main Street and may have been in the water about eight hours, police said. Officials believe the man drowned, based on a medical examiner's preliminary test results.

The man is described as white, 35 to 45 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 144 pounds. He had graying and receding dark brown hair. He was wearing yellow, blue, white and black jams, with white socks and Reebok shoes.

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State to evaluate Narconon - Research group tapped to look at anti-drug teachings
July 2, 2004, Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle

State schools chief Jack O"Connell has asked a research group known for its rigorous reviews of health curriculum to spend three months evaluating the Narconon anti-drug program, whose classroom instruction has been linked to the Church of Scientology.

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Mind Games: Scientology vs. Psychiatry
July 2, 2006, Five Live Report, BBC Radio

Reporter Elodie Harper goes undercover to reveal the tactics used by Scientology followers in the immediate aftermath of traumatic events.

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Hubbard's Scientology 'built on nonsense'
July 2, 2007, Jill Singer, Herald Sun,23599,22001905-5007146,00.html

Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is built on nonsense from whoa to go.

Hubbard lied about his university qualifications. Thrice married, he posed as an expert on marital success.

In 1964, an inquiry in Victoria found that Scientology presented a grave threat to family and home life.

"As well as causing financial hardship, it engenders dissension, suspicion and mistrust among members of the family," said the inquiry. "Scientology has caused many family estrangements."

As for Hubbard, the inquiry said he built a crazy and dangerous edifice based on a smattering of knowledge in various sciences.

Essentially, Scientology is big business masquerading as religion and we all have reason to question it.

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