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Scientology Drug Criminal Assaults Journalist

On July 13th in Scientology history

Cult or religion: What's the difference?
July 13, 1999, e-cyclopedia, BBC News

The term "cult", says the Cult Information Centre in London, applies to a group which demonstrates five different qualities (see fact box).

Scientologists are by no means averse to suing when the faintest scent of defamation is in the air. And the centre does not say that the church is a cult.

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Moonies, UK, UK Charity Commission


Man arrested after dispute with moviemaker
July 13, 2006, Jim Harrington, Clearwater Citizen

CLEARWATER  Two men got into a scuffle on July 8 when one of them apparently disliked the other man's taping of the goings-on at a street corner.

Tags: Michael Fitzgerald, Pat Harney, Shawn Lonsdale


South Park airs Scientology show
July 13, 2006, BBC News

A South Park episode that mocked actor Tom Cruise and Scientology will air later this month after a repeat of it was axed in March.

Tags: Isaac Hayes, South Park


St. Petersburg court shuts down Scientology Center (Russia)
July 13, 2007, Interfax

The St. Petersburg City Court has closed down the city's Scientology Center, accusing it of offenses such as unlicensed teaching and other activities not stated in its charter, the city prosecutor's office said.

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