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Scientology Crime Syndicate Front Groups Commit Racketeering

On July 30th in Scientology history

Skinheads, skateboards, Scientology prompt calls
July 30, 1987, Robert Henderson, St. Petersburg Times

Meanwhile, the national office of the Cult Awareness Network reports that "a Scientology front group called the Concerned Businessmen's Association is sponsoring a Set a Good Example contest aimed at schools and youth groups, which centers around a booklet titled The Way to Happiness by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard." (Many Clearwater residents have been sent that booklet in the mail.)

When a similar contest was conducted in England, children were required to read the booklet and then carry out a project that sets a good example. The London Daily Mail reported that "several civic leaders who had initially endorsed the contest withdrew their support upon learning of the connection to Scientology."

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French Scientology Case Barred

July 30, 2002, Associated Press, Journal Sentinel

A Paris judge has ruled that a 13-year-old case against the Church of Scientology alleging fraud and illegal practice of medicine cannot go to trial because the statute of limitations has expired, a judicial official said Tuesday.

Judge Colette Bismuth-Sauron ruled Friday that there was a lack of progress in the investigation and rejected the case on procedural grounds, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The criminal probe into 16 leaders of the church was opened in 1989 after a criminal complaint was filed by a former Scientologist, Juan Esteban Cordero. He accused the group of "progressive mental conditioning" that led him to spend more than $167,000 on Scientology-related courses.

However, in 1998, hundreds of documents that were to be used as evidence in the case disappeared from the Justice Ministry.

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