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Time Magazine Exposes Deadly Scientology Cult

On July 24th in Scientology history

Of Two Minds
July 24, 1950, TIME Magazine,9171,812852,00.html

A new cult is smoldering through the U.S. underbrush. Its name: dianetics. Last week its bible, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, was steadily climbing the U.S. bestseller lists.

Demand was especially heavy on the West Coast. Bookstores in Los Angeles were selling Dianetics on an under-the-counter basis. Armed with the manual, which they called simply "The Book," fanatical converts overflowed Saturday night meetings in Hollywood, held dianetics parties, formed clubs, and "audited" (treated) each other.

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Bridge to Total Freedom a lifetime commitment
July 24, 2005, Alana Semuels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Some say it's the only true way toward a happier existence. Others label it a new religion that soon will be accepted in society, like the Mormon Church. And then there are the people who call it a cult.

Scientology has been called many things in its half century of existence, and even now, it is a controversial organization.


From the outside, looking in
July 24, 2005, Alana Semuels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Some of the things Chuck Beatty says he's done over the past 30 years sound like scenes from a science fiction movie.

Signing over a billion years of his current and future lives to service. Hiding from German news helicopters flying over the California camp where he lived. Spending more than six years doing hard labor under constant monitoring by his peers.

But Beatty, 53, now of Carnegie, says he was just one of the many faithful members of the Sea Organization, an intense division of the Church of Scientology. In 2004, Beatty left behind the life that had enveloped him for nearly three decades and moved to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles to assist other people interested in leaving, since he knows how difficult it is.

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L. Ron Hubbard, founder
July 24, 2005, Virginia Linn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As the popularity of Scientology grew, so did the controversy surrounding it. Hubbard has been called a charismatic Renaissance man by admirers and a quack by critics.


Scientology comes to town
July 24, 2005, Virginia Linn, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Although the office opened here with little fanfare, Scientologists have high hopes for its growth as they try to regain a foothold in the region after a false start in Washington County.

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Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg Spat Explained
July 24, 2006,

The New Yorker points out: "According to two close friends of Spielberg, Page Six was accurate, although the item did not note the real source of Spielberg's anger: After he mentioned to Cruise the name of a doctor  a friend  who prescribed Ritalin, the doctor's office was picketed by Scientologists.


Armenian immigrant and 5 others convicted of military-weapons charges in FBI sting
July 24, 2007, Larry Neumeister, AP, San Diego Union-Tribune

An Armenian immigrant accused of plotting to sell anti-aircraft missiles and other military weapons from the former Soviet Union to an FBI informant was convicted Tuesday along with five co-defendants.

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For Xenu's sake, hear your kooky co-worker out
July 24, 2007, David Eddie, Globe and Mail


'Anonymous' plans mass Scientology protest
July 24, 2008, Daily Telegraph,22049,24070462-5006003,00.html

A SHADOWY web-based protest group is apparently planning a global demonstration against Scientology next month, publishing its creepy "training video" the internet.

The group, calling itself Anonymous has already staged demonstrations against Scientology in Australia and around the but now plans an even bigger international event on August 16.

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