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Human Rights Activists Ramp Up To Fight Scientology Crime Syndicate

On August 3rd in Scientology history

Selling Good Will, Or Dianetics? -- Major Games Sponsor Outrages Some By Its Link To Scientology
August 3, 1990, Marla Williams, Seattle Times

Despite the close relationship, Knight says individuals with reservations about the church have no reason to object to Bridge's sponsorship of the Games. "The church is a completely separate entity. It is not involved in the sponsorship of the Goodwill Games,"" she says.

Tags: Ann Ruble, Bridge Publications, Gary Harmon, Jobee Knight, Karyn Kuever, Margery Wakefield, Sharyn Runyan


A battle of beliefs waged in megabytes
August 3, 1994, Wayne Garcia, Column One, St. Petersburg Times

Scientologists and their critics are colliding in cyberspace.

The critics started the fight, creating an electronic bulletin board dubbed alt.religion.scientology on the Internet, a worldwide web of computer networks with an audience pushing 25-million. Kurt Weiland, who heads Scientology's legal and public affairs branch, dismissed much of the Internet traffic as irrelevant and a waste of time. In the next breath, though, he acknowledged that "we asked our law firm to look into what was going on."

A private investigator working for Scientology posed as a journalist to quiz a computer user in Bloomington, Ind., who is believed to have started the anti-Scientology newsgroup.

Tags: alt.scientology.war, David Miscavige, Elaine Siegel, Free Zone, Homer Wilson Smith, Jeff Jacobsen, Kurt Weiland, OSA, Stu Sjouwerman


Network gives voice to former Scientologists
August 3, 1994, Wayne Garcia, St. Petersburg Times

Although fewer than 150 people now use the computer network, Scientology officials have responded to FACTnet's existence with a blitz of legal threats and reams of allegations about its founders.

The church also has tried to derail publicity about FACTnet. The Church of Scientology sent two high-ranking officials from Los Angeles to St. Petersburg to lodge a protest when the Times asked about FACTnet.

Tags: FACTNet, Kurt Weiland, Lawrence Wollersheim, Linda Simmons Hight


Millionaire's bizarre feud with Scientology escalates
August 3, 1998, Lucy Morgan, St. Petersburg Times

So is Boston financier Robert S. Minton an arch-enemy of the Church of Scientology or a prospective member?

The multimillionaire, who has infuriated the church with his financial support of its enemies, says top Scientologists recently tried to recruit him as a member.

Scientology leaders deny offering membership but acknowledge they made overtures to help Minton because they say he has an "emotional problem." Minton - whose projects include bankrolling a lawsuit filed on behalf of Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist who died in Clearwater under mysterious circumstances - told the Scientologists to keep their help to themselves.

Tags: Elliot Abelson, Lisa McPherson, Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Robert Minton


The Dirt on Our Dirt
August 3, 2006, Michael Collins, Los Angeles

Parsons dabbled in the occult as a follower of Aleister Crowley, held sex- and drug-drenched orgies at his Pasadena mansion, and lost his wife and money to a pre-Scientology L. Ron Hubbard.

Tags: Jack Parsons


Scientologists Descend on Minneapolis Collapse Site
August 3, 2007, Marcus Baram, ABC News

The Church of Scientology and its globetrotting team of volunteer "ministers" have been active over the last several years, arousing the ire of critics who read unholy motives into the group's fake charitable works. In Minneapolis, the criminals claimed they were working with the Red Cross. Yet members of the Red Cross working at the disaster zone questioned by ABC News weren't aware of the Church's assistance.

Tags: Karin Pouw, National Mental Health Association, Red Cross, Rick Ross,
Volunteer Ministers


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