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Scientology Racketeering Against Netcom

On August 5th in Scientology history

"Church" Of Scientology Settles Dispute With Internet Provider
August 5, 1996, Seattle Times

The "Church" of Scientology has settled a copyright dispute with an Internet provider that many in the computer industry worried would restrict freedom of expression in cyberspace.

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No answers in Scientology case
August 5, 1996, Rose Aguilar, CNET

Many Internet legal analysts are disappointed by an out-of-court settlement between Netcom and the "Church" of Scientology because now they"ll have to wait for another case to come to light before a court sets a firm precedent on Internet access providers" liability for online copyright infringement.

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Battlefield Travolta
August 5, 1999, Enzo Di Matteo, NOW Magazine

It's been a difficult couple of years for Scientology, which is trying to polish its fringe image as it awaits word from Revenue Canada about its application for charitable status.

But positive PR may be coming to a theatre near you. Screen star John Travolta, Scientology's most famous promoter, has embarked on a film adaptation of Battlefield Earth, the doomsday sci-fi thriller penned by the church's messianic founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

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Doc suspended for prescribing Valium
August 5, 2001, AP, The Trentonian

A doctor was suspended for a year for improperly prescribing Valium to unlicensed "Church" of Scientology workers caring for a church member who had suffered a mental breakdown.

Dr. David I. Minkoff, 53, of Clearwater, Fla., also a Scientologist, will lose his medical license for a year and will be required to practice under probation for two more years, the Board of Medicine ruled Friday. He was fined $10,000.

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Debunking a movement / Scientollywood
August 5, 2005, Carl Kozlowski, Pasadena Weekly

Exposing some of the unsavory claims that Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other celebrities would rather you didn't know about Scientology

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Margarita Lopez stays mum through Scientology flap
August 5, 2005, Paul Schindler, Downtown Express

In a series of three stories and an editorial that began Monday, the New York Post reported that Lopez was the key City Council player in securing $630,000 in city funds for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a center on Fulton St. that offers September 11 first responders treatments based on large amounts of Vitamin B-3, sauna baths and exercise, in lieu of traditional medical therapies. The treatment is based on theories developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology's late founder. Scientology's most famous exponent, Tom Cruise, was on hand with Lopez for the center's groundbreaking.

The Post reported that the treatment is widely dismissed by medical professionals and noted that the adverse public reaction led the firefighters' union to pull its support for the project.

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The gullible age
August 5, 2007, Peter Millar, The Sunday Times

A man who holds no truck with established religion is unsurprisingly unlikely to have much good to say about Scientology, which purports to use scientific tools such as its controversial E-meter. It's purely made-up. It just taps into some gullibiligy'. They find some film star or somebody like Tom Cruise or whatever his name is who's thick as two short planks and he becomes a sort of advertisement.

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