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Scientology Creime Syndicate Attacks the Internet Again

On August 7th in Scientology history

Websites say sucks to big business
August 7, 2000, Duncan Campbell, Technology, The Guardian

While it is mainly big companies that seek to save themselves from embarrassment by buying up potentially rude sites, the "Church" of Scientology has also been unhappy about the use of its name in derogatory sites.

The ACLU is anxious to fight on behalf of the threatened sites so that they can create a new American adage: always giving a sucks an even break.


Narcon looking at second location
August 7, 2007, Heather Civil, Florida Freedom News, Walton Sun

Scientolgy's "Narconon" Gulf Coast, Inc. wants to purchase a three-story beach house
at 263 Snowdrift Road and turn it into a 28-bed residential fake "drug treatment" rehabilitation facility.

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Selling Scientology - A Former Scientologist Marketing Guru Turns Against the "Church"

August 7, 2008, Matt Davis, Portland Mercury

By 1982, Hawkins says he had already shot his fair share of attention-grabbing ads for the religionwhether they involved complex fly-by shots filmed from airplanes or interviewing celebrity Scientologists like former San Francisco 49ers quarterback John Brodie.

Hubbard's philosophy, says Hawkins, was to use ads to "splash the volcano" at the general public. This was linked to Scientology's belief that the image of a volcano has been embedded in people's minds from an experience in a former lifetime.

Hubbard is reported to have said that 75 million years ago, Earth's population was massacred by Xenu, the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy, who stacked us all around a volcano and killed us using nuclear bombsHubbard's 1968 lecture on the "Xenu theory" is now publicly available on the Wikileaks website.

"Splashing the volcano at them was supposed to hypnotize people back, or what they call 'key them in' to the whole Xenu incident," says Hawkins. "And then they would be somehow hypnotized to go and buy the book."

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