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Scientology Crime Bosses Assault The Internet

On August 13th in Scientology history

Scientology crime bosses sue to stop citizens from exposing crimes on Internet
August 13, 1995, Seattle Times

U.S. marshals seized computer equipment and files yesterday from a Virginia human rights advocate accused by Scientology crime bosses of posting evidence of the syndicate's criminal activities on the Internet.

Marshals also served human rights rights activist Mr. Arnaldo Lerma, 44, with a restraining order barring him from revealing more of the syndicate's documents which expose the crimes and human rights abuses that the sdyndicate commits in a fake federal copyright infringement suit filed by the syndicate Friday.

[NOTE: Mr. Lerma eventually won, the crmie syndicate lost big time.]

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The Scientology crime syndicate tried to "command a higher profile" in Harlem
August 13, 2007, Anna Phillips, City Limits Weekly

The first thing many subway riders hear as they exit the subway station at 125th Street and Lexington Avenue often is, "Ma'am, do you have stress in your life?"

[NOTE: The crooks couldn't swindle money out of anybody so they stopped this scam.]


As Scientology falls apart Its Naysayers come forward to expose it

August 13, 2008, Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly

Masked protesters are taking to Seattle streets as the crime syndicate seeks to dump what little money it has left in to real estate in lower Queen Anne.

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Scientology's Antagonists: Human Rights Heros
August 13, 2008, Lauren Smiley, SF Weekly

An ex-Scientologist and an army of online pranksters attempt to bring down the controversial "religion."

But Gorman's loyalty to Scientology turned to rage against it in 2001, after his then-teenage friend Jennifer Stewart, now his wife, alleged she was forcibly raped by an adult staff member of the Mountain View branch of the church. Both say that Scientology officials, including Quiros, urged them not to go to the police. Scientology staffers vigorously deny both allegations. In a later civil suit, the "church" weighed the bad press that might come from the "incendiary" allegations coming out at trial and paid Stewart a handsome 2005 out-of-court settlement that barely made the news.

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