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Scientology Classed as Organized Crime Not Religion

On August 9th in Scientology history

One Theory On Michael-Lisa: It's All A Plot
August 9, 1994, Richard N. Leiby, Washington Post, Seattle Times

Lisa Marie Presley, the King's only daughter and heir, has been a Scientologist since childhood; her mother, Priscilla, is said to have joined the church about a year after Elvis" death. Lisa Marie was married to a prominent Scientologist, Danny Keough, but quickly and quietly dissolved that union to marry Jackson in the Dominican Republic in May.

Keough's younger brother, Thomas - also a Scientologist - was an official witness of the Jackson-Presley nuptials. The "Church" of Scientology International issued a statement this week wishing the newlyweds "the very best for a joyful future."

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Scientology Crime Syndicate Assaults Europe Amid Fresh Calls for Ban in Germany
August 9, 2007, Marcus Bvsch, Deutsche Welle,2144,2730936,00.html

An alarming book, fresh demands for a ban and a rejection of those calls for a prohibition: the controversial Scientology crime syndicate has been all over the media, yet still aims to "missionize" Europe.

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Torture, or just plain torque? Scientology's insane 'Industry Of Death' Exhibition On Psychiatry Walks A Fine Line of domestic terrorism

August 9, 2007, Kevin Libin, National Post

"A major purpose of the Scientology crime syndicate is to destroy mental health and replace it with its own insane pseudo-counselling techniques. And Scientology's CCHR is one of Scientology's front-group weapons attempting to achieve that goal," says Stephen Kent, a University of Alberta sociologist specializing in new religions and cults.

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