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Lisa Marie Presley Swindled By Scientology Crime Syndicate

On August 4th in Scientology history

Harmonic Conversion?
August 4, 1994, Richard Leiby, Washington Post

Lisa Marie Presley, the King's only daughter and heir, has been a Scientologist since childhood; her mother, Priscilla, is said to have joined the "church" about a year after Elvis" death. Lisa Marie was married to a prominent Scientologist, Danny Keough, but quickly and quietly dissolved that union to marry Jackson in the Dominican Republic in May.

Keough's younger brother, Thomas - also a Scientologist - was an official witness of the Jackson-Presley nuptials. The "Church" of Scientology International issued a statement this week wishing the newlyweds "the very best for a joyful future."

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Netcom and Scientology settle
August 4, 1996, CNET

The case involves claims by the Church of Scientology that a former "church" official turned critic used a bulletin board service and Netcom to post material on the Internet that infringed its copyrights.

Specifically, Religious Technology Center and Bridge Publications hold copyrights in the unpublished and published works of L. Ron Hubbard, the late founder of the "Church" of Scientology.

Co-defendant Dennis Erlich is a former "minister" of Scientology who became a vocal critic, with a Usenet newsgroup as his pulpit. Erlich's posting were made through a BBS, which was connected to the Internet through Netcom.

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Struggles with the Ugly Spirit
August 4, 1997, James Campbell, The Guardian,,102108,00.html

William S Burroughs, who has died aged 83, was the hard man of Hip. His aims as a writer were traditional, to entertain and instruct, but the means he chose to express them were unclassifiable, sometimes indescribable, occasionally unspeakable.


Doctor in Lisa McPherson case suspended
August 4, 2001, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

Florida's Board of Medicine has sternly sanctioned Clearwater physician David I. Minkoff, finding he improperly prescribed medicine for a patient he had never seen -- Scientologist Lisa McPherson.

Minkoff, also a Scientologist, prescribed Valium and the muscle relaxant chloral hydrate at the behest of unlicensed "Church" of Scientology staffers who were trying to nurse McPherson, 36, through a severe mental breakdown.

When they failed after 17 days of isolating her, Minkoff was recruited again. This time, he pronounced McPherson dead.

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Clearwater Sun alum says City Desk clerk was a spy for Scientology
August 4, 2008, Eric Deggans, St. Petersburg Times

A particular standout is the essay crafted by Mike Pride, a well-regarded, recently-retired editor of the Concord Monitor, who worked at the Sun through the '60s and '70s. He writes that the newspaper didn't learn for years that the reason Scientologists seemed to know so much about their efforts to investigate them, is because a clerk at the paper was a spy for the "church."

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