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Scientology Murders Lisa McPherson Destroys Subpoenaed Evidence

On August 6th in Scientology history

Scientologists fighting to keep files secret
August 6, 1998, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

TAMPA -- For 13 years, Lisa McPherson took courses and counseling from the "Church" of Scientology, and all the while the church kept records of what she said.

Scientology's claim is that they have "strong beliefs" that those records should remain private was at issue Wednesday in a hearing concerning the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the church by McPherson's family. (In 2009 4 defectors admitted that they destroyed the evidence because it showed they murdered her.)

Tampa lawyer Ken Dandar, hired by the family to represent McPherson's estate, says he needs to see the notes to prepare his case.

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Church of Scientology Buys More Harlem Property
August 6, 2007, Mark Wellborn, The Real Estate, New York Observer

In 2003, the Scientologists acquired 220 East 125th Street for $3.45 million. They're currently building a 33,000-square-foot church on that property and will build a new community center on the more recent acquisitions, according to Karin Pouw, a public affairs representative for the "church."

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Narconon Crime Syndicate to meet with new potential neighbors
August 6, 2007, Heather Civil, Northwest Florida Daily News

MIRAMAR BEACH  Controversy over a fake drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility has moved from one beachside neighborhood to another.

Scientology's Narconon Gulf Coast Inc. wants to purchase a beach house at 263 Snowdrift Road and turn it into a 28-bed residential facility.

The Scientology organization drew heated opposition earlier this year with its plan to buy a house on Scenic Gulf Drive for the same purpose.

That purchase has since fallen through, and Narconon is now hoping to buy the house near the beach on Snowdrift Road.

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Scientology Underground
August 6, 2007, Jen Carlson, Gothamist

Though police kicked them out in 2005 for violating New York City Transit rules about vending in the subways, it seems they"ve still had a presence down there and, from this photo (taken in late 2006), they're still selling Dianetics (translated in 50 different languages, no less).

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